Text Analysis for Content Management

Interlink your organization’s data and content by using knowledge graph powered natural language processing.

Our Content Management solutions enable you to improve the discovery, organization and consumption of your content and unfold the value locked away in unstructured text. This empowers you to turn static documents into actionable data.

Verticals we benefit:

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How You’ll Benefit

Get value from information previously locked away in disconnected systems or in static content.
Utilize your enterprise data better to empower deeper insights.
Take advantage of text mining functionalities that happen on top of your data and content.
Make use of formalized knowledge about the world, provided by a custom knowledge graph.

Showcase Demonstrators

Ontotext’s Text Analysis for Content Management is based on off-the-shelf components, which we can also customize and extend to address the challenges specific to your business.

Whatever your use case or domain, we can help you apply your subject matter expertise to the data that is important to your organization.

Ivaylo Kabakov, Head of Semantic Analytics Solutions and Borislav Ankov, Project manager at Ontotext, talk about Text Analysis with Ontotext Platform.

How it Works

When building Content Management solutions, we need to go through the following 5 stages (optional steps are marked with *):

White Paper: Text Analysis for Content Management at Ontotext

5 Steps To Make Your Content Serve Your Business Better


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Semantic Tagging

Discover mentions of known and novel concepts and link them to the relevant parts of your content.

Content Classification

Make use of context-sensitive analysis and classification for categorizing and organizing your unstructured content.

Content Recommendation

Suggest relevant related content based on the semantic fingerprint of your documents and the actions of your readers and their profiles.

Case Studies

Our partnership with Ontotext has enabled a transformation of our business. The semantic enrichment of our large corpus of scientific data has enabled us, both to re-engineer our production operations for efficiency, but also to deliver new commercial opportunities for our customers. We have found working with the Ontotext team to be a stimulating and creative process that has helped to raise our skills and expertise.

Vincent Cassidy, Director of Academic Markets, The Institution of Engineering and Technology

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