Generative AI – How to Care For, and Properly Feed, Chatty Robots

Solutions Review’s Contributed Content Series is a collection of contributed articles written by thought leaders in enterprise technology. In this feature, Ontotext‘s Doug Kimball offers commentary on how to properly interface with generative AI.

In the Media September 1, 2023 7 mins. read Doug Kimball

Ontotext’s Semantic Approach Towards LLM, Better Data and Content Management: An Interview with Doug Kimball and Atanas Kiryakov

Read this interview our CMO and our CEO talking about how enterprises can benefit from AI, LLM, knowledge graphs, semantic technology and data fabric and much more

Interviews May 23, 2023 11 mins. read Ontotext Interviews

Why should you combine ChatGPT with Knowledge Graphs?

Read our guest post, in which Marc Isop, Chief Revenue Officer at Ontotext’s partner ONLIM, talks about ChatGPT and Knowledge Graphs.

Guest Posts March 2, 2023 4 mins. read Marc Isop

Artificial Intelligence and the Knowledge Graph

Read about how knowledge graphs such as Ontotext’s GraphDB provide the context that enables many Artificial Intelligence applications.

Informational October 10, 2019 6 mins. read Jarred McGinnis

Hybrid Intelligence, Computer Understanding and the Hype about AI: An Interview with Robert Dale

Teodora Petkova talks to prof. Robert Dale of the Language Technology Group about hybrid intelligence, computer understanding and the hype about AI.

Interviews July 6, 2018 7 mins. read Ontotext Interviews