Showcasing the Searchable Graph of Enriched Debunks, DBKF, at the EBU’s Data Technology Seminar

Presenting the Database of Known Fakes (DBKF) – a semantically enriched platform facilitating verification workflows in the scope of the project and beyond.

Informational April 28, 2023 4 mins. read Eneya Georgieva

AI, the Power of Knowledge and the Future Ahead: An Interview with Head of Ontotext’s R&I Milena Yankova talks to Milena Yankova about how machines can and do help people to be more efficient and more creative.

Interviews April 5, 2019 10 mins. read Ontotext Interviews

Hercule: Journalism Platform For Finding and Fact-checking Breaking News

Learn about Hercule: a platform developed by Ontotext to help journalists detect emerging news topics, check their veracity, track events, etc.

Informational December 6, 2017 4 mins. read Georgi Georgiev

Fighting Fake News: Ontotext’s Role in EU-Funded Pheme Project

Read about the EU-funded project PHEME aiming to create a computational framework for automatic discovery and verification of information at scale and fast.

Informational April 27, 2017 7 mins. read Milena Yankova

Fake News, Media Content Filtering and Data Analysis in the Context of Semantic Technology: An Interview with Ontotext’s CEO Atanas Kiryakov

Bloomberg TV talkes to Ontotext’s CEO Atanas Kiryakov about fake news, human behavior analysis and prediction, filtering and serving content with semantic technology and more.

Interviews April 4, 2017 12 mins. read Ontotext Interviews