At Center Stage V: Embedding Graphs in Enterprise Architectures via GraphQL, Federation and Kafka

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Read about the mechanisms for building a big enterprise software architectures by embedding graphs via GraphQL, Federation and Kafka

Technology January 21, 2022 8 mins. read Gergana PetkovaRadostin NanovRadostin Nanov

From Disparate Data to Visualized Knowledge Part III: The Outsider Perspective

Read our final post from this series focusing on how GraphDB and Ontotext Platform provide an architecture that can work on any infrastructure resulting in a well-deployed and well-visualized knowledge graph.

Technology December 3, 2021 9 mins. read Radostin Nanov

Star Wars: Knowledge Graph Federation

Read how you can use Ontotext Platform’s GraphQL federation capabilities to provide a unified interface for querying all of your data sources in context and allow clients to fetch data from any number of data sources simultaneously, without needing to know which data comes from which source.

Technology June 24, 2020 21 mins. read Jem Rayfield