Connecting the Dots to Turn Data Into Knowledge: Entity Linking

Read about the advantages and disadvantages of different ways to do entity linking based on reconciliation, inference, SPARQL and Kafka

Technology August 26, 2022 10 mins. read Radostin Nanov

Reasoning with Big Knowledge Graphs: Choices, Pitfalls and Proven Recipes

Read about how to use reasoning to enrich big knowledge graphs with new facts and relationships, avoiding the typical pitfalls and reaping all the benefits

Technology July 8, 2022 12 mins. read Atanas Kiryakov

GraphDB Users Ask: Can GraphDB Infer Data Based on Values From a Virtualized Repository?


In this feature, we answer questions from our GraphDB users. Today’s question is about if GraphDB’s inference works with virtualized repositories.

GraphDB Q&As October 29, 2021 4 mins. read GraphDB Q&As