GraphDB Users Ask: Is Kafka Only Used for Exporting Data, or for Importing, or Can We Do Both?


In this feature, we answer questions from our GraphDB users. This question is about if Kafka is used only for exporting or importing data or we can use for both

GraphDB Q&As September 13, 2022 3 mins. read GraphDB Q&As

Connecting the Dots to Turn Data Into Knowledge: Entity Linking

Read about the advantages and disadvantages of different ways to do entity linking based on reconciliation, inference, SPARQL and Kafka

Technology August 26, 2022 10 mins. read Radostin Nanov

At Center Stage V: Embedding Graphs in Enterprise Architectures via GraphQL, Federation and Kafka

At-Center-Stage-6 Webinar blog cover image

Read about the mechanisms for building a big enterprise software architectures by embedding graphs via GraphQL, Federation and Kafka

Technology January 21, 2022 8 mins. read Gergana PetkovaRadostin NanovRadostin Nanov