GraphDB Counteracts Stock Market Manipulation

Read about the KG capabilities used by Ontotext for trade surveillance to prevent manipulation from professional traders and how they can help in the situation initiated by r/WallStreetBets.

Business February 3, 2021 8 mins. read Peio Popov

Throwing Your Data Into the Ocean

Read about how knowledge graphs help data preparation for analysis tasks and enables contextual awareness and smart search of data by virtue of formal semantics.

Business January 6, 2021 7 mins. read Jarred McGinnis

Declarative Knowledge Graph APIs

Stop wasting time, manually building data access code. Let the Ontotext platform auto-generate a fast, flexible, and scalable GraphQL API over your RDF knowledge graph.

Technology December 9, 2020 13 mins. read Jem Rayfield

Ontotext Invents the Universe So You Don’t Need To

Read about the newest version of Ontotext Platform and how it brings the power of knowledge graphs to everyone to solve today’s complex business needs..

Technology November 23, 2020 7 mins. read Jarred McGinnis

Eating the Knowledge Soup, Literally

Read about the fluid essence of knowledge and the capability of knowledge graphs to power an information-rich platform of diverse facts about anything, a broccoli soup included.

Business July 10, 2020 6 mins. read Teodora Petkova