Building a Semantic Capability Stack to Support FAIR Knowledge Graphs at Scale

Read this abbreviated version of Martin Romacker’s talk at Ontotext’s Knowledge Graph Forum 2022

Business February 7, 2024 8 mins. read Martin Romacker

Breakthrough Moments in Enterprise Taxonomy Management

Read our guest post, in which Dave Clarke, CEO at Synaptica, outlines the challenges of complexity, scale, explainability, and trust and the solutions Synaptica has been developing

Guest PostsTechnology February 2, 2024 13 mins. read David Clarke

The Importance of the Semantic Knowledge Graph

Read our guest post, in which Sebastian Schmidt, CEO at metaphacts, and Pauline Leoncio, Content Marketing Manager at metaphacts, discuss their perspective on what is considered a semantic knowledge graph, why it’s important, and share how they can drive your enterprise goals forward.

Guest Posts September 1, 2023 12 mins. read Sebastian SchmidtPauline LeoncioPauline Leoncio

The Power of Ontologies and Knowledge Graphs: Practical Examples from the Financial Industry

Read about the key benefits of using ontology-powered knowledge graphs, illustrated by examples and case studies from the Financial Services Industry

Business May 5, 2023 9 mins. read Peio Popov

Relationships in Ontology Design

Read our guest post, in which Ahren Lehnert, Senior Manager, Graph Solutions at Ontotext’s partner Synaptica, talks about relationships in ontology design.

Guest PostsTechnology September 2, 2022 13 mins. read Ahren Lehnert