Knowledge Graphs for Open Science

Read about how knowledge graphs model the relationships within scientific data in an open and machine-understandable format for better science

Business May 20, 2021 5 mins. read Jarred McGinnis

Staying In the Vanguard of Digital Transformation with Open Data

Learn about Open Data and its potential to be part of smart solutions to data problems and innovative products and services.

Informational April 27, 2018 7 mins. read Teodora Petkova

Data Daiquiri: The Power of Mixing Data

Learn how companies can tap into the power of the data coming their way by integrating the huge data flows with their proprietary data.

Informational December 21, 2017 5 mins. read Teodora Petkova

Datathon Case Overview: Revealing Hidden Links Through Open Data

Read about the first Datathon in Central and Eastern Europe and the case Ontotext’s winning team worked on.

Technology April 21, 2017 5 mins. read Viktor Senderov

Exploring Linked Open Data with FactForge

Learn about FactForge and how you can turn the opportunities that data flows on the web can pour into our business into a real experience.

Informational April 13, 2017 6 mins. read Teodora Petkova