At Center Stage IV: Ontotext Webinars About How GraphDB Levels the Field Between RDF and Property Graphs

Read about how GraphDB eliminates the main limitations of RDF vs LPG by enabling edge properties with RDF-star and key graph analytics within SPARQL queries with the Graph Path Search plug-in.

Technology November 5, 2021 8 mins. read Gergana PetkovaAtanas KiryakovAtanas Kiryakov

GraphDB Users Ask: Is RDF-Star The Best Choice For Reification?


In this feature, we answer questions from our GraphDB users. Today’s question is about whether RDF-star is the best choice for reification.

GraphDB Q&As November 4, 2021 4 mins. read GraphDB Q&As

RDF-Star: Metadata Complexity Simplified

Read about how RDF-Star brings the simplicity and usability of property graphs without sacrificing the essential semantics that enables correct interpretation and diligent management of the data.

Informational June 11, 2021 9 mins. read Jarred McGinnis

RDF-star Implementation in GraphDB and How Synaptica Used It Within Graphite for Access Control


Ontotext talks to Gene Loh, Director Software Development at Synaptica, and Vassil Momtchev, Ontotext CTO, about the RDF-star extension to the RDF graph data model, its value and how it was implemented in Ontotext’s GraphDB and used in Synaptica’s Graphite.

InterviewsTechnology March 29, 2021 7 mins. read Ontotext Interviews