The Superpowers of Ontotext’s Relation and Event Detector

Ontotext’s latest solution demonstrator transforms raw news content into actionable data for events impact assessment and risk and opportunity detection.

Technology February 26, 2024 10 mins. read Peio PopovMila MutafchievaMila Mutafchieva

Building Your Human Benchmark with Ontotext Metadata Studio

Read about the importance of human benchmarks and how Ontotext Metadata Studio empowers enterprises to implement and continuously improve the quality of their text analytics solutions

Technology February 17, 2023 7 mins. read Borislav Ankov

Texts Without Pages: Advancing Text Analytics with Content Enrichment

Read about how text analytics can be brought forward with content enrichment processes for better text authoring, delivery and navigation.

Informational November 12, 2020 5 mins. read Teodora Petkova

Ontotext Platform: Knowledge Quality via Efficient Annotation at Scale

Jem Rayfield, Chief Solution Architect at Ontotext, provides technical insights into the Ontotext Platform and its design choices.

Technology January 11, 2019 7 mins. read Jem Rayfield

Ontotext’s Most Fascinating Blog Posts for 2018

Read about another busy and exciting year at Ontotext in our traditional round-up of the most fascinating blog posts we have published throughout 2018.

December 21, 2018 4 mins. read Milen Yankulov