Showcase your knowledge graph with metaphactory


Set up slick search and exploration front-end without coding.


Get a 6-week trial licence for metaphactory, to run it on top of your existing GraphDB instance.


Accelerate your Knowledge Graph Journey

Showcase your work to business users and management

Having the intuitive visual interface of metaphactory in combination with GraphDB will empower you to:

Search and experience data in context

Visualize, explore and discover relations

Gain meaningful and actionable insights

Add and edit data

Share your results with colleagues

Sell it to your managers

GraphDB and metaphactory bring together:


  • Curated and open datasets
  • Data virtualization
  • Visual knowledge graph modeling
  • A low-code approach for building user-friendly search, exploration and visualization interfaces
  • Data editing interfaces


Seamless Integration 

Get Support

To deploy metaphactory on your machine, you will need to have docker installed. If you have difficulties, contact our support team directly by sending an email to

If you have been using GraphDB Enterprise for longer than 6 weeks, you can request an extension of your trial license for the purpose of this joint campaign at