Prioritizing Data: Why a Solid Data Management Strategy Will Be Critical in 2024

Ontotext’s CEO Atanas Kiryakov talks to TDWI about data and knowledge management trends he expects to emerge in 2024

In the Media January 29, 2024 6 mins. read Atanas Kiryakov

Knowledge Graphs: Redefining Data Management for the Modern Enterprise

Read this post about some of the primary problems of today’s enterprise data management and how knowledge graphs can solve them

Informational January 26, 2024 9 mins. read Gergana Petkova

How to Take Back 40-60% of Your IT Spend by Fixing Your Data

Read about how enterprises can reorient their approach to data management and reduce bad data tax by adopting a graph based semantic thinking.

Business November 3, 2023 11 mins. read Brandon RichardsSumit PalSumit PalMichael AtkinMichael Atkin

Next-Gen Graph Technology: A CDO Matters Podcast with Ontotext’s CMO Doug Kimball

Read this is an abbreviated version of CDO Matters Episode 26 where Malcolm Hawker talks with Doug Kimball about knowledge graphs, enterprise data challenges, ChatGPT, data fabric, and more

Interviews September 8, 2023 11 mins. read Ontotext Interviews

Usability and Connecting Threads: How Data Fabric Makes Sense Out of Disparate Data

Ontotext’s Doug Kimball talks about data management challenges, data fabric, knowledge graphs and more in this Dataversity article

In the Media August 4, 2023 6 mins. read Doug Kimball