Why Establishing Data Context is the Key to Creating Competitive Advantage

Ontotext’s Deron Ryan talks to SD Times about why establishing data context is the key to creating competitive advantage

In the Media August 22, 2023 5 mins. read Deron Ryan

Semantic Technology and Integration 101: What It Is and Why It Matters

Ontotext’s Doug Kimball talks about semantic technology, semantic data integration, data fabric and more in this Dataversity article

In the Media May 5, 2023 7 mins. read Doug Kimball

Ontotext Expands To Help More Enterprises Turn Their Data into Competitive Advantage

Join us for a review of our accomplishments and plans for the next few years. Have a cup of tea or a glass of wine and enjoy the story!

Business December 30, 2022 8 mins. read Atanas KiryakovDeron RyanDeron RyanDoug KimballDoug Kimball

Semantic Technology Helps Manage Any Industry’s Complex Knowledge: An Interview with Ontotext’s CEO Atanas Kiryakov

SeeNews: Business Intelligence for Southeast Europe talks to Ontotext’s CEO Atanas Kiryakov about the latest developments in semantic technology and graph technology as well as GraphDB

Interviews November 25, 2022 5 mins. read Ontotext Interviews

Semantic Technology Value Chain

Read Michael Atkin’s post about demystifying semantic standards and knowledge graphs for executive stakeholders

Business October 14, 2022 5 mins. read Michael Atkin